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1 Apr 2024

BANGKOK, Thailand (April 2024) - Absolute Hotel Services (AHS) proudly announces significant changes within its leadership team, reflecting its commitment to excellence and growth. Under the visionary leadership of CEO Mr Jonathan Wigley, these changes are poised to propel AHS to new heights in the hospitality industry.

Mr Aekawee Chugkorn is Vice President of Corporate Finance

Mr. Aekawee Chugkorn, known affectionately as "Tam," has been appointed Vice President of Corporate Finance. He holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Chulalongkorn University and a master’s degree in finance from Thammasat University, and he is also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). With esteemed qualifications, Mr. Aekawee brings a wealth of experience, having served as Finance Director at AHS. His finance and strategic planning expertise will continue to be instrumental as he leads the organisation in achieving its financial objectives.

Mr Suphongsak Likitpitayakorn, as Deputy Vice President of Talent and Development

Mr. Suphongsak's journey with Absolute Hotel Services spans over five years, during which he has served as the Group Training Director, contributing significantly to the organisation's training programs and initiatives. Additionally, Keng has garnered valuable insights from his noteworthy stints with airlines and media companies.

Mr. Suphongsak's commitment to personal and professional growth is underscored by his extensive training certifications, including Train the Trainer, Train the Professional Trainer, Crucial Conversation, Course & Performance Management Training in Melbourne, Australia, Leadership Development Course in Sydney, Australia, and Art of Effective Interview Responses: Stand Out and Get Hired. With a diverse skill set that includes training the Internal Trainer, Service Excellence Professional, Personality Development, Presentation Skills, Supervisory Skills, Public Speaking, and Collaborative Communication, Keng is well-equipped to drive the development of AHS's human capital. His keen understanding of aligning personal and organisational values will be pivotal in fostering a culture of excellence.

In his new role as Deputy Vice President of Talent and Development, Mr. Suphongsak will continue to contribute to training initiatives and provide invaluable support to Human Resources Operations. His leadership and expertise will be instrumental in ensuring that AHS maintains a skilled and motivated workforce capable of delivering exceptional guest experiences.

Ms Ploynapat Chotesangsri as PR & Social Media Director – Asia

Ms Ploynapat Chotesangsri, fondly referred to as "Grace," joined Absolute Hotel Services in May 2019 as a PR Manager, bringing her over seven years of experience in the hospitality industry, notably at Kata Group Resorts, Thailand. During her tenure at Kata Group Resorts, she served as the Marketing Communication Manager, where she was instrumental in developing, implementing, and evaluating the hotel's marketing communications strategy. Her responsibilities included managing advertising, promotions, public relations, graphics, and collateral to maximise the hotel's positive exposure in local, national, and international markets. In her new role as PR & Social Media Director - Asia, Ms. Ploynapat will build on her past successes and leverage her expertise to develop comprehensive marketing plans aligned with AHS's goals and objectives. She will spearhead promotional campaigns to drive brand awareness, engagement, and customer loyalty across various channels, including print, digital, events, and partnerships.

Ms. Phankanlaya Promthong as Quality Assurance Manager

Ms Phankanlaya holds a Bachelor of Business Administration with First-Class Honors from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, demonstrating her strong academic background and commitment to excellence. Before joining Absolute Hotel Services, she was an Associate Coupon Executive at iPrice Group Sdn. Bhd., an e-commerce company based in Malaysia, where she honed her skills in operations and quality management over three years.

In her new role as Quality Assurance Manager, Ms Phankanlaya will continue to uphold AHS's commitment to excellence by analysing and establishing benchmarks to improve the results of mystery audits, ReviewPro, HandiGo, and other tools to enhance the customer experience. She will leverage her expertise and leadership skills to drive continuous improvement initiatives and ensure the seamless execution of quality assurance processes across all AHS properties.

Ms. Kamonwan Rumwisai as Quality Assurance Assistant Director

Ms. Kamonwan Rumwisai, known as "Bonus," steps into the Quality Assurance Assistant Director role. Ms. Kamonwan's journey with AHS began with a focus on sales and customer service, where she demonstrated exemplary dedication and proficiency. Her tenure in various operational roles within the hospitality sector has equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of service excellence and operational efficiency. Ms Kamonwan's appointment underscores AHS's commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards across its portfolio of properties.

Jonathan Wigley, CEO of Absolute Hotel Services, expressed his delight at the promotions and new appointments, stating, "We are thrilled to announce the promotions of Mr Aekawee Chugkorn and Mr Suphongsak Likitpitayakorn, Ms Ploynapat Chotesangsri, and Ms Phankanlaya Promthong, as well as the addition of Ms Kamonwan Rumwisai to our team. Their expertise and dedication will undoubtedly drive our organisation to new heights of success."

These appointments signify a significant milestone for AHS as it strengthens its leadership team with seasoned professionals poised to lead the organisation into its next phase of growth and success.

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