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31 Oct 2020

Bangkok (November 2020) -- Jonathan Wigley, CEO and Founder of Absolute Hotel Services Group one of the fastest-growing hospitality management/branding/consultancy companies in Asia has announced one-stop solutions for hospitality that guarantee an Absolute payback. A new range of hands on consulting and outsource services including human resources audits and training courses, quality assurance operational services and revenue management services can be tailor-made to fit with any clients objectives and budgets in all areas of the hospitality sector.

Human Resources Audits help to improve the contribution of the Human Resources functions to achieve your business objectives as well as the successful application of human resources processes and management. The audits include:

- Recruitment practices

- Employee relations

- Human resources policy

We can create tailor-made training and workshops, customize to the need or particular interest of any organization. Training courses can include:

- Train the trainer

- Established training courses that strengthening service excellence including Better You, Your Value, Communication Skill for Efficiency and The Delightful Experience

Quality Assurance operational services cover all hospitality functions. A one-stop Quality Assurance services providing valuable support and guidance covering all operational areas in the hotel and restaurant business. We are committed to working within established parameters to achieve business goals and maximize operational performance. Our unique tools and methods include:

- Business assessment

- Findings and recommendations with solutions and support based interaction with the business

- Developing a QA self-audit for the business

- Monthly follow up

- Result and goal tracking

- Review online guest satisfaction

- Annual quality assurance audit

As a hospitality management company, we have developed in-house best practices in revenue maximization and distribution strategies for any types of hotel or lodging properties. We have a long history of strong and sustainable growth results. We incorporate the cost of distribution into our strategy mix to turn your property into a local market leader.

Our team will help small to mid-size hotels benefit from that expertise and ensure you are well equipped to make the best revenue/distribution related decision, focusing on increasing revenue and profits.

Our services cover everything from in-depth revenue audits, revenue management training, market and feasibility studies, procedure and systems setup, budgeting, forecasting and 360 marketing plans.

"We are excited to offer our one-stop and tailor made solutions for the hospitality sector based on our teams deep and diverse knowledge and experience. These solutions promote business growth by enhancing operational efficiency, improving service provisions and speeding up decision making with better information while at the same time reducing costs in the long term," said Jonathan Wigley, CEO and Founder of Absolute Hotel Services Group.

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