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13 Dec 2022

BANGKOK, Thailand (December 2022) – The CEO of Absolute Hotel Services (AHS), Mr Jonathan Wigley, is pleased to announce four promotions within the Sales, Marketing & Revenue and Business Development teams and the introduction of 2 new roles on the Quality Assurance team.

Ms Napan Khumbute (Air) Named as Deputy Vice President of Business Development

Ms Napan Khumbute (Air) will be elevated to Deputy Vice President of Business Development to continue the growth of AHS Group, including AHS's brands, Absolute Golf Services, design services and consulting products in Thailand and regionally. Her particular focus is on Laos, Cambodia and other international destinations. Air joined AHS in 2011 and has consistently demonstrated a solid ability to source quality deals and build client relationships. She flies the AHS flag with skill, determination and a resolute character. Air has had a fantastic 2022 with AHS, signing three U-branded hotel management contracts and sourcing more than 15 strong leads in Thailand.

Ms Karn Supatrabutra was Promoted to Business Development & Technical Services Manager

Ms Karn Supatrabutra joined AHS after earning her Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality Business from Michigan State University, USA. Karn is a crucial support for the Business Development and Corporate Technical Services teams. Her duties include preparing client presentations, ongoing weekly reporting, updating Technical Services manuals, coordinating monthly newsletter content, planning market research, coordinating handover files, communicating with suppliers and many other functions. This flexibility, Karn's multi-skilling and organisation is an invaluable help to AHS. 

Ms Sasipimon Singsuksawat was Named as Vice President of Sales in Asia


With over ten years of experience, Sasipimon is an industry veteran and an inspirational leader who has worked in highly competitive environments across multiple cities in Asia. She is seasoned in building solid organisational structures to increase efficiency, which is critical to business. Sasipimon is known for her leadership, motivation skills, and ability to develop long-term relationships with partners. 

Mr Yasin Shaikh Joins as Regional Sales, Revenue Distribution Director for AHS India Region

Yasin Shaikh is an accomplished professional with over 14 years of experience in the sales and revenue of the hotel and hospitality industry. Based in India, Yasin has a proven track record of building and leading high-performing teams, developing and managing key relationships and aligning sales and marketing initiatives with business objectives. Before starting his current role with AHS India Region, he worked as the Associate Director of Revenue at Fariyas Resort Lonavala, Mumbai/Lonavala and as Director of Revenue at Radisson Resort and Spa Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Ms Natasha Wigley Welcomed as Director of Quality Assurance 

Ms Natasha Wigley has worked with AHS and Vienna House in Austria for the past few years. Natasha's responsibilities will include identifying, implementing, and managing a practical quality assurance management framework and ensuring that all pre-opening and operating properties comply with a sustainable delivery of the related brand's standards. In her new role, she will work towards creating a positive working environment on a corporate and property level and will develop long-range learning strategies to enhance the guest experience. 

Mr Kris Widell Introduced as Market Intelligence & Consumer Interaction Manager


AHS welcomes Mr Kris Widell to the team as the new Market Intelligence & Consumer Interaction Manager. Before joining the team, Kris worked in freelance research and development positions in Austria. In this new role, Kris's responsibilities will include providing market intelligence on various projects and plans. He will also work closely with the Quality Assurance team on the application and implementation of new systems at the property level and developing new initiatives.  

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